Snow pictures

These are pictures of the snow we got here in King of Prussia, PA on Dec. 9th, 2005.
The snow events we've had so far this year have mostly been at night and finish up by
dawn, so these pictures have less snow in the air and are not as dark as the shots from
last year. As a result, I ddin't even lighten any of these shots. They are reduced,
however, so in some cases a link to the full-size image is included where additional
detail might be interesting. (Those vary in size as indicated.)

The view from my balcony. You can see we got about six to eight inches, but by
mid-morning it was blue skies and literally sunny.

Out into the parking lot:

This view looked great with several shades of green and the texture of the snow on
the pine needles.

The detail was lost reducing this image, but if you'd like to take a look, the
full size image is here (2592 x 1944, 2.76MB).

Another shot of the dusted pines.

Plowed in, but thankfully not so bad.

The winds rounded off and reduced some of the snow accumulation. I figured I'd take a
walk to take more pictures and see if the wind would completely clean off my car for me.

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