Snow pics

These are pictures of the snow we got here in King of Prussia, PA on Dec 30th, 2000
from the Nor'easter that blew through.

The view from my balcony that morning at 5:30 am.  The snow was but an hour falling and
we had two inches.

The same view at 8:30 am from my balcony.  Finally, after all the news of heavy snows out
west we get some winter beauty here in the east!

The back end of my car as the snow falls.  Eight inches made sure a Mustang wasn't going
anywhere for a couple days.  Note the new deplorably cheerful license plates my state forced
on it's taxpayers this year.  Though dull, the old color scheme blended much more smoothly
with straight black on a sports car.  The government can be so callous to the needs of it's
people sometimes.  ;-)

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